22 Aug

This morning, the last chapters were read, the last chords learned, and the last batches of cookies were put in the mail to far away places.

Does this mean..

Yes, yes it does.


But, you may ask, where are the posts documenting the said completed items?

Weren’t you asking that? I thought so.

To be fair, I said I was going to complete everything by my birthday (August 23), not necessarily have everything blogged.

You’re going to have to take me on my word. The list is done.

And, for all of you who are desperate to see how things turned out, I’ll have everything written up by the weekend. Probably with some fun, fancy pictures.

So keep checking here.

I know you will.

1 day until 26!


One Response to “Fin?”

  1. Jenny August 23, 2011 at 7:14 am #

    Happy birthday!!! (If I were you, I’m not sure if I’d be excited or daunted by the list getting longer each year…)

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