19. Send handwritten letters to 3 people that I haven’t seen

19 Aug

Email is nice.

Snail mail is even better. When it’s not junk or bills. There’s not nearly enough of that fun letter mail.

I hate that term “snail mail.” It really doesn’t take that long to send a letter to another place. And when I think of “snail mail” I have an awful image of an animated snail pulling a large bag  of letters and packages behind him. He’s probably wearing a mail hat, too. You know the kind I’m talking about.

Anyway, getting letters in the mail. That’s fun stuff. Especially when they’re out of the blue. It’s like a mini good surprise. There are bad surprises, but they don’t usually come in letters.

Three letters to three friends I haven’t seen in forever.

In the mail tomorrow.

Take that, snail.

4 days until 26


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