21. Smile at everyone I see for an entire day

18 Aug

Smiling is hard.

And I’m a pretty friendly, happy person. I think.

But smiling at EVERYONE you see, EVERYONE who makes eye contact with you?

That’s hard, yo.

Not only is it difficult to do, it’s difficult to remember to do.

Maybe it’s because I was in New York City. Maybe it’s because it’s hard to smile at someone when they’re clearly not smiling at you.

A few people smiled back. Some had no facial change whatsoever.

Do you know how you feel when you’re  smiling at someone and they’re not smiling back?


It’s mad awkward. You feel kind of silly.

Glad that this item is done so I can go back to being the sullen, angry looking person that I am.

5 days until 26


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