5. Go to the Brooklyn Museum

12 Aug

I have to admit, I don’t leave my neighborhood very much.

Something happens when you live in the same area building that you work. And when there’s grocery stores and restaurants, and clothing stores nearby.

You don’t really…leave.

Every now and then I venture downtown (or on the rare occasion, acrosstown) for visiting purposes, but that’s not a regular occurrence.

And Brooklyn? Forgetaboutit. That’s like, once in a blue moon. Which is a shame, because it seems pretty nifty.

I’ve got Manhattan figured out. It’s a fairly easy to navigate and the numbers make sense and it’s a grid and I can tell whether I’m going East or West.

I headed to the Brooklyn Museum yesterday, fully aware that, should I try to go anywhere after the museum, I was most likely going to get lost. And I did. But at least I made it to the museum!

Things I realized while at the Brooklyn Museum:

-I really like those “period rooms.” You know, the ones where you step into this little enclave and see a room decorated the way would have been in a house in the 1800s.

-If there’s a lot of text on a sign explaining the exhibit, I skim. Then, halfway through the exhibit, I forget what I was actually looking at. Sometimes I go back to re-read the sign. Sometimes I don’t.

-Egyptian art is cool. No matter how old you are and how many times you’ve seen it. It’s still cool. There. I said it.

-If there’s a “wrong way” to go through exhibits, I do it.

-If a piece of art looks like it would be fun to touch, some kid will touch it (hello, summer camp field trips). And then will be painfully honest when the teacher gets mad. “It looked like it would be fun?”

-Visible storage=cool in a museum. Visible storage= a mess in your apartment.

-It’s really frustrating when you can’t find the elevator.

11 days until 26


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