17. Take a new dance class

7 Aug

photo via this website

I hate to brag. I really do.

Bragging makes me feel gross inside. And awkward outside. And I don’t really think I need to be more awkward. I clearly haven’t learned how to pull off the “casual brag.”

But allow me this rare instance of bragging: I can kind of dance.

I don’t mean shake-it-in-the-club dancing. That’s a whole differerent thing. But years of ballet and jazz instruction have translated into a basic understanding of rhythm and movement. Which means it’s relatively easy to learn a new style, even if it does take a few minutes to pick up.

So I signed up for a super basic intro to Argentine Tango, led by Strictly Tango. $5 for 45 minutes? Absolutely my kind of class. In order to dance, I’ve come to realize, you have to be willing to shell out a lot of money, be it for classes or clothing, so it was nice to find a place where I was encouraged to try before buy(ing).

No need to worry that I was swept off my feet by a handsome Argentinian. We were a motley crew of an instructor, 4 inexperienced ladies, and 3 semi-experienced men and there’s nothing like dancing with complete strangers to make you wonder if you brushed your teeth enough that morning.

I could do it. I picked up the steps pretty quickly. There wasn’t any spinning or fancy footwork, but I got the basics down pretty well. The instructor said I was a “fast learner” and suggested I attend the 2-day, 6-hour “Tango for Fast Learners” (catchy title, eh?) workshop next weekend.

The hardest part? Letting someone else lead. I wanted to be in control. Anyone surprised?

Watch a video of the dance here.

16 days until 26


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