10. Take an art class

2 Aug

Let’s get philosophical for a minute, shall we?

Don’t get scared. We’re not gonna get that intense. And the I promise to return to our regularly scheduled programing after.

What is art?

I have a family member who could speak far more eloquently about this topic than I ever hope to be able to, but bear with me here. Is it self-expression? Do you have to share it? Is it still “art” if you do it just for yourself? Where’s that line between creative output and “art”?

I took a cake decorating class, and as I was dabbing color onto my (AWESOME) poppies that I made, I realized I was making a form of art. The colors I used reflected how I was feeling, how I arranged the flowers on the cake probably had some deep-rooted link into how I feel about myself at this point in my life, AND I shared it with others! At least the others at my table.

My art was short-lived. 90 degree heat and buttercream icing aren’t always the best of friends.

But the flowers survived, because gum paste can last forever. They might not be the most amazingly beautiful pieces of art ever created, but they can be on display in MY Louvre.

21 days until 26


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