12. Figure out my favorite kind of wine

25 Jul

True confession time: I like wine.

Wait… I guess that’s not too big of a confession.

Even bigger confession time: I usually pick wine based on what the bottle looks like.

The prettier the bottle, the greater chance that I’ll like the wine, right?

Sadly, that doesn’t always work. And I’m tired of looking ridiculous when I’m asked by a store clerk what I’m looking for and I say, “Um… the one with the nicest label?”

Then they definitely ask for my ID. Who is this kid?

Enter: The Wine Tasting.

7:00, Sunday night, the besties and I head to New York Vintners to attend a class called “Blind Tasting: Discovering Your Palate.” Tickets were purchased through Living Social, and oh-my-gosh if I gushed about how much I love Groupon and Living Social and all of those deals I spend way too much money on, this post would never end. Sidetrack done.

Awesome space, cool instructor, and people get surprisingly friendly the more wines they taste! There were 3 whites and 3 reds that we were “blind” to, and we had to asses the wines on body, aroma, acidity, etc. Basically it was to get you away from the notions you have about certain wines and open you up to new types based on what you already like. We took notes and smelled and sipped and swished.

Things I learned:

1. I am really awful at coming up with words to describe aromas. Sorry, still don’t know what “wet rocks” smell like. And why in the WORLD would you describe a wine as “farmy” smelling? Gross.

2. I tend to like off-dry/medium-dry, medium + acidity, creamier (oak), with mild fruity aromas. Wow, look how cool I sound!

3. Thought I didn’t like red wine, but there actually was one I enjoyed!

4. The wines I liked the most were the most expensive. So much for being a cheap date.

If you’re wondering, we tasted the following wines:

The Whites

Piuze 2009 Chablis Terroir de Chablis (my fave white)

Vercesi 2009 Pino Nero Bianco

Berger 2010 Guner Veltliner

The Reds

Occhipinti 2009 Frappato (my fave red)

VRAC Cotes du Rhone

Brun, JP 2009 Fleurie

Do I know what my absolute favorite one yet? No, because I think I would have to do a lot more taste-testing. But at least I got a little closer to knowing what types I like, which hopefully can lead me to my all-time, one-and-only, forever-after wine.

P.S. Want to listen to a fun podcast about wine? Check out The Crush. I lurve it. And don’t pretend you don’t listen to podcasts. You totally do.

29 days until 26


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