26. Locate my thesis at the Bank Street library

21 Jul

Sometimes, you just can’t win.

And it’s not even like you didn’t really try… sometimes it’s just not going to work. You just have to resign yourself to the fact that it just can’t happen. No matter how much you want it to, and how many pretty, happy, nice thoughts you think, you’re stuck.

No luck.

Today was a roadblock.

First of all, I left the apartment. That shouldn’t be a big deal, but today was gross. No one should have been outside if they didn’t need to be. I dragged my sweaty body to Bank Street, which, yes, is only a few subway stops away, but still (molehill? meet your mountain-maker). There, in the Bank Street library, I located the “Theses” section and looked, in vain, for the published work that I had spent two years and massive amounts of money producing.

No luck.

But where? Where was that glorious piece of blood, sweat, and late late nights eating tons of candy corn? I even dragged the extremely loud, rusty ladder over to search high and low. I’m sure the noise I was making earned me a lot of new friends and companions.

No luck.

The kind reference librarian offered me help and I said I was looking for a thesis, wondering if the 2010 theses had been put into circulation yet. Some had, he said, what was the author’s name I was looking for?

I have to admit, I was kind of embarrassed when I said my last name. But luckily, he didn’t know who I was… so I didn’t look too self-absorbed.

Turns out, the cataloging system has been not functioning properly, so many of the theses have yet to be put in the library. Including mine.

No luck.

Oh well. I can check back at the start of the new semester (aka, post-26-birthday). I’m still counting this, though. Maybe I should change it to “Attempt to locate my thesis at the Bank Street library”? Library fail.

33 days until 26


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