1. Create a life soundtrack

1 Jul

This item wasn’t designed as a big, life-changing event on my list, but rather something to do to keep me entertained at 3:45 on Friday afternoon when everyone else was still working (not meaning to rub it in…). Basically, you turn on itunes, set it on shuffle, and write down the “answer” songs in the order they’re played. I straight up stole this idea from this website, but my friend Emma took on this challenge, too. It was funny to see that, even though it was random, some songs eerily made sense. I’ve linked to youtube versions of the songs if you’re interested, too.

Opening Credits: Friday I’m in Love– The Cure
Waking Up: Black & Gold– Sam Sparro
First Day at School: Rockets– Cat Power
Falling in Love: In Your Eyes– Peter Gabriel (Sappy, but hilarious that it came up then)
Breaking up: Anthony– Nickel Creek (Funny. If you don’t know this song, check out the lyrics here)
Pro: Soir de fete– Yann Tiersen (From Amelie. Maybe we’re all doing a folk dance?)
Life’s Ok: Do You– Jewel
Mental Breakdown: Older Chests– Damien Rice
Driving: Things Behind the Sun– Nick Drake
Flashback: Multi-Family Garage Sale– Land of the Loops (It really is a very flashback-y song)
Getting Back Together: Dice– Finley Quaye & William Orbit (It works…)
Wedding: Sweet Black Angel– The Rolling Stones (Ha!)
Final Battle: Casualty– Missy Higgins
Death Scene: My Lover’s Gone– Dido (Bizarre…)
Funeral Song: The Inner Light– The Beatles
Credits: P.S.– Jenny Owen Youngs (Funny for the credits. Check lyrics here)

I have a pretty mellow life soundtrack. Does that mean I have a pretty mellow life? Itunes (randomized) seems to think so…

53 days until 26


One Response to “1. Create a life soundtrack”

  1. Amelia Parkison Edelman July 4, 2011 at 10:09 am #

    I’m glad The Cure made it to both of our life soundtracks.

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