14. Attend the Pride Parade

26 Jun

This was really the only item on my list that had a timing element (other than the fact that they all need to be finished by August 23…), as the Pride Parade was taking place a day after I posted the “26 Before 26” list.

I’ve lived in New York for the past three years but I’ve never attended any Pride events. I realized that, if I were going to pick a year to go to the parade, this would be the one to go to, considering the law that passed on Friday. I’m not sure what the parade was like in the past (I’m sure they have all been great), but the joy and excitement today was really infectious. I think my favorite part was seeing couples with signs that read “Together for ___ years; finally engaged!” It was a pretty awesome afternoon.

58 days until 26


2 Responses to “14. Attend the Pride Parade”

  1. Emily Strand June 27, 2011 at 1:40 pm #

    You guys are the cutest – great picture! Katie – I love this blog! Excited to follow along on your journey and celebrate the start of your 27th year! Miss and love you! xoxo Emily

    • Jenny June 28, 2011 at 9:56 am #

      I remember stumbling on a Pride Parade one time in Taipei! Was that with you, or one of the other ETAs…? Either way, it looks like the NYC was an awesome event!

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